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Optica One

Smooth Fine Art Paper

100% Cotton Fiber, Acid & Lignin Free
15 mil, 300 gsm, 97% Opacity, Bright White

Vibrance Matte Photo Paper

Traditional resin coated photo base paper
8 mil, 229 gsm, 98% Opacity, 97% Brightness

Vibrance Metallic Photo Paper

Traditional resin coated photo base paper
10 mil, 255 gsm, 96% Opacity, 92% Brightness

Elegance Velvet

Textured Fine Art Paper

100% Cotton Fiber, Acid & Lignin Free
19 mil, 310 gsm, 97% Opacity, Bright White

Vibrance Gloss Photo Paper

Traditional resin coated photo base paper
10 mil, 255 gsm, 96% Opacity, 92% Brightness

Vibrance Luster Photo Paper

Traditional resin coated photo base paper
10 mil, 255 gsm, 96% Opacity, 92% Brightness

Lyve Matte Canvas

65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
19 mil, 450 gsm, 98% Opacity, 93% Brightness

Belgian Linen Canvas

Belgian Linen™ is a unique European textile which is woven in Belgium by members of the Masters of Linen Club. It has be prized for thousands of years for the high quality, softness, and durability it offers. It naturally has a rich color absorption and is lint-free and hypoallergenic. This is why Belgian Linen™ is widely known as the world’s finest linen available.

  • Naturally is hypoallergenic and lint free
  • The organic flax is grown with no irrigation and few or no pesticides
  • Growing flax is much easier on the farmland than cotton
  • Made with only the highest-quality flax from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands
  • Woven linen is stronger and tougher than poly cotton
  • Zero waste manufacturing – all parts of the flax are used
  • 100% biodegradable or recyclable
  • Naturally has rich color absorption
  • CO2 neutral linen mill
  • Belgian Linen trademark – a guarantee of quality linen woven in Belgium
  • Masters of Linen member – a mark of authenticity and is very exclusive (only 19 linen weavers worldwide)


1/2” Maple Wood w/Natural or Smooth Finish

Wood w/ White Ink

1/2” Maple Wood w/Natural or Smooth Finish


1/8” Acrylic, Printed Directly on Acrylic with 3mm PVC Backing

Brushed Metal

3mm Brushed Silver Dibond

HD Metal ( ChromaLuxe )

We exclusively use Chromaluxe HD Metal Aluminum panels for our HD Metal Print products. Aluminum panels are lightweight, durable, made with recycled material and 100% recyclable. Metal prints are the perfect medium for displaying artwork and photography in a variety of applications from residential to commercial usage.

What makes our Metal Prints the Best?

Color Brilliance – Our process of heat infusing your artwork and photos directly onto the ChromaLuxe HD panels not only preserves the fine detail of your content but also enhances the color brilliance of the output which will meet or exceed your expectations.

Fade Resistant – The latest fade testing shows that our prints will last a lifetime with resistance to yellowing and climate damage.

Chemical Resistant – The chemical resistant aluminum surfaces can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, acetone or any all-purpose cleaners.

Moisture Resistant – Our specialty coated prints are resistant to moisture, making them the perfect choice for any environment.

Scratch and Abrasion Resistant – Unique substrates and coatings provide incredible scratch and abrasion resistance.

Mounting Options

All of our products already come ready to hang. Depending on the type of product you choose to have your artwork or photos printed on, we make sure that your product comes ready to hang.

Original Art Scanning

Better Light System

A great art reproduction starts with a top quality digital capture.

The key element in our system is our Better Light digital scanning back. A proven technology that has endured since 1992, this type of high-resolution scanning back has been used by museums, libraries, cultural heritage organizations, galleries, photographers, and fine artists for reproduction and preservation of rare art, paintings, maps, documents, glass plates, books, and dimensional objects.

Specific benefits include:

  • 384 Megapixel capture device creates a huge population of pixels – Up to 12000 x 15990 pixels in an image — the higher the resolution the more fine detail is captured in the image.
  • Pure Red, Green & Blue pixel information for every single pixel. No interpolation of color as in other digital camera systems.  This increases the optical resolution, eliminates digital artifacts and increases color purity.
  • Color accuracy from the pure, unmanipulated color data of the scanning back can be profiled and corrected more accurately than image data from any other capture device.
  • Precise control of lighting, exposure and image tone to match the subject characteristics.

Print Your Legacy

As an artist, you have the unique ability to inspire change. You have the responsibility
to remind us of our past, while making us excited for our future.






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